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"The Kids R Coming For You"

New single based on a horror classic

Our new single "The Kids Are Coming For You" is the lead track on our new EP "The Sweet Sensual Sounds of Superweapon," out July 1, 2022.

The song features the Devil Baby Choir out of Arkham, MA — six hundred and sixty-six of the cutest little singers you ever did see.

"The Kids" was inspired by the horror film "Village of the Damned," both the 1995 John Carpenter version, and the original 1960 film which was based on the 1957 horror classic The Midwich Cuckoos written by Joh Wyndham.

Imagine a bunch o' brats with the power to kill you at a glance. Imagine they had no association with your old-school culture, with your rules, your structures, your traditions... or your lives. They are as self-serving as adults, but these kids got the juice to lay waste to civilization and take over everything.

But is there a guitar solo? Your goddamn right there is. This is Superweapon, brah — there is always a rippin' guitar solo.

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