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Visceral storytelling, shred guitar and synth-soaked 90s arena rock fuse together into the molten glob of precious metal that is Superweapon. This mad sound combines the musicality of VAN HALEN and DOKKEN with the dark, theatrical presence of ALICE COOPER and OZZY OSBORNE, then tops it all off with the orchestral scope of JOURNEY and RUSH.


San Diego’s Superweapon hails from the sunny perfection that is SoCal, where guitarist Severiano “Seve” Wada earned a degree in rock guitar from the Musician’s Institute in LA, and another in Jazz Studies from San Diego State University. 


Cooped up by COVID shutdowns that kept him from live performances, Seve combined with singer/bassist Merciless to found Superweapon in late 2020. Merciless, the alter-ego of #1 New York Times bestselling horror author Scott Sigler, wove word tapestries against Seve’s distortion-laced technical mastery, and yet this matter/antimatter mix of pending destruction wasn’t quite enough to make Superweapon’s sound soar — the addition of Austin Farmer on keys and angelic vocals crystalized the band’s scintillating structure. 


With the triple threat complete, Superweapon recorded their four-song “Demo of Doom,” and did it all remotely due to COVID shutdowns — the three members had yet to be in the same room together.  With their second EP on the way, driven by the cinematic epic single “Battlecry,” the trio marches forward in a tireless quest for world domination.

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