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Our first video shoot

Like a plague of rocking locusts, we descended upon Rock & Roll San Diego and devoured all the corn. There was no corn, but there was quit a bit of rocking.

Director Austin Farmer getting a shot of Seve Wada, a.k.a. "Shredmaster X7"

The facility has a dozen practice spaces, including "The Hendrix Room," which has a big-ass stage that touring bands use to rehearse. We snagged it for a few hours, then went all guerrilla and grabbed as much footage as we could while the lights were blazing.

A big shout-out to Richard, the lighting guy, for going above and beyond to help maximize the rockosity that is Superweapon.

Director Austin Farmer is editing away, and soon we will have the video for "Battle Cry," the first single from our upcoming second EP.

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2 commenti

Rocking or rotting locus?

Mi piace
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Rocking, man. They keep a nice rhythm with their flappy wings.

Mi piace
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