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Ahh-ooh! Ahh-ooh! Ahh-ooh! Lock shields for "Battle Cry"

Our next single "Battle Cry" is out Friday, August 13th. Click here to have it pop up on your Spotify.

How much more metal could the Battle of Thermopylae get? After 8/13/21, the answer is "none more metal," not after you hear Superweapon's take on this glorious conflict. Told from the point of view of the Spartans and inspired by Zack Snyder's movie 300, Seve & the boys rack out a rifftastic track that belongs in the soundtrack of an epic action movie.

Nigerian artist Ajayi Olajide. a.k.a. "L.A. Draws," painted the cover for this bronze-age beast of a song.

The irresistible riffs of Seve choose the terrain for this track, the heavy infantry of Austin Farmer's orchestral work pulverizes the enemy, and the band's all-out finale assault finishes off friend and foe alike.

"Battle Cry" will also mark the first-ever video for Superweapon. Directed by Farmer, the video captures our on-stage energy. Yes, the song might be about blood and honor and death, but daggummit, it's also fun.

"Battle Cry" was mixed by Kiel Bishoprick.

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